Derma-Safe Mini Folding Razor and Saw Review

Some neat little survival tools from They make a nice addition to your EDC tool set or survival kit. I carry these in my ebay store if you don’t want to buy them 100 at a time. 🙂

Derma-Safe SERE saw- cut time thru OAK

A demonstration of the Derma Safe Saw cutting through Oak.

Derma-Safe Razor Destructive Test

Derma-Safe Razor Destructive Test – One of the comments on my little review asked about the durability of these nice little tools. I think this should answer most questions about that

Derma-Safe Razor Saw Ultimate Review

An in depth review of the Derma-Safe Razor Saw. I’ll be sharpening the razor blade and testing the performance of the Derma-safe saw. Good product overall and something I will carry this.

Derma-Safe SERE Saw 18 TPI Aluminum saw time

This Video show the time it takes to cut thru a 1/4″ piece of Aluminum rod with the Derma-safe SERE Saw